Thursday Dec 05th, 2019


As an Real Estate Agent I have been put into many difficult challenges in finding a suitable home for my buyer clients.  Obviously, the most common list of criteria includes bedrooms, washrooms, price range, square footage, finished basement - and once in a while there is a unique expectation.  Recently, I have been working with buyer clients that have clear expecation about the desired neighbourhoods they would like to be in.  What makes this request unique is in all the listed areas,  the schools according to Fraser Institute are amongst the best in London, Ontario.  I was able to find a number of homes that matched all their expectation.  However, for them their future are the kids, and there is no compremise on the success of their future - and I was in full agreement.

The Frazer Institute helps rank schools in Ontario and other provinces based on data available to the public such as scores on province wide tests.  The Frazer Institute provides data on how schools are doing acedemically when compared to other schools - it also provides information on the overall trend of the school ranking.

Schools play a big part when making a real estate decision.  Use the links below to find your local school and the school's ranking based on the data collected by Frazer Institute.

Use the link below to help find your local school - simply enter your address.

Once you have been able to determine the correct zoned school for your neighbourhood click on the link below.  This link will forward you to the Fraser Institute where you are able to confirm your school rankings.

Public Schools:

High Schools:

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